Case Studies

Glimpses of few success stories of Blue Copper's journey so far.

Blue Copper Success Stories

We pay attention to your needs and expectations. We understand you are investing in your infrastructure so that your business grows. Value is going beyond simply serving up your basic needs and requirements.

Value is in the eyes of the customer. Value is delivering a professional experience to you all the time, not just when we are trying to sell. It is a deeply personal process. It is doing what we promised to you in a friendly, professional, and ethical way. Followings are some exciting stories of challenges and solutions:

Revolutionizing Products with AI & ML: Tales of Success

Behind Successful Ventures: Stories Of Dedication And Excellence.

Ai-driven Smart Lead Finder

AI-based Application for Sales Team to Boost Productivity.

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Project Management
Predictive Task Estimator Solution

AI/ML-Based Effort Estimation Solution for Project Team

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Wind Energy Analytics

Wind Power Grid Analytics and Future Power Requirement Prediction

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Digital Payment
Intelligent Credit Calculator

leverages real-time data and machine learning to accurately assess and predict a customer's creditworthiness

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Enterprise Auction Management

A fully automatic intelligent platform to manage the entire vehicle auction process.

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Manufacturing Resource Planning

Application designed to accelerate efficiency, business growth & digitalization.

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Online Education Portal

Interactive Application for students & coaches with scheduler, audio-visual, & social media advantages.

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Audit Management Application

To effectively manage the audit processes with other integrations and given checklists.

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General Insurance Application Migration

Migrating the entire application with zero downtime ensuring complete data security.

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Information Technology
Cloud Infra Management

Migration of multiple cloud service platform with latest & secured technology & minimum downtime.

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Logistics Management App

Complete multi-user type cab booking application with admin portal to manage the entire process.

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Salesforce Management App

Mobile Application with admin console for effectively trck and monitor activities, output and expenses of field sales force.

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Turning Challenges into Triumphs

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