Scalable and Cost-Effective Cloud Computing Solutions for Global Companies.

Move with the cloud to be the digital services of tomorrow. With our cloud transformation services, the organizations can scale up their applications and empower the business to incorporate further innovative solutions.

Our Journey as Cloud Consulting Company

Cloud has no doubt changed the dynamics of the IT infrastructure and various businesses and industries find it challenging to perceive the best-suited cloud solutions for their needs. With so many cloud transformation service providers in the market, choosing the right cloud consulting service and the best deployment model requires a huge amount of consideration.

At Blue Copper, cloud migration and cloud adoption services make it easy for businesses to manage workloads and helps to reduce operational costs. We provide solutions to SMEs to Medium-size businesses, staying optimized, and compliant throughout their cloud journey.

Cloud Computing Solutions

From enterprises starting off on their cloud migration journey to those looking to significantly improve the value, we serve all.

Cloud Migration Services

Successfully migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud with minimum business disruption. We know that cloud migration is a complex thing and no one-size-fits-all approach works for it. So we help to evaluate your IT landscape to make cloud transformation solutions possible in a comprehensive manner and secure any migration effort.

Cloud Adaption Services

With a cloud adoption framework in place, we facilitate smoother migration to the cloud. We help you build organizational buy-in, avoid the common issues, faster movement and ultimately meet all the business objectives. We will analyze to understand where the skills should be updated and where they may misalign or where the business processes need to be redefined.

Added Plus of Cloud Transformation Services

++ Moving to cloud services may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems.
++ Improve the operation and storage needs to suit your situation, allowing flexibility.
++ Supports business continuity planning, protecting the data and systems.
++ Cloud environment helps to collaborate no matter to which industry you belong.
++ Cloud computing solutions allows users to be more flexible in their work patterns.
++ Cloud services make sure to stay regularly updated with the latest technology.

Our Cloud Computing Methodology

We leverage the services of our professional cloud computing consultants with a definite approach:


Helps to explore high-level solutions and test a solution through a number of experiments. Helps businesses and clients to gain the confidence to move forward with their cloud transformation project.


We develop a detailed cloud architecture design and deployment plan to execute their plan effectively.


In this step, we execute the design and planning documents and implement the solutions.


Done with the implementation makes way for establishing operational best-practices.

Industries We Provide Cloud Transformation Services

We realize that every business has its own uniqueness. All our solutions are designed specifically tailored to each industry you belong to.

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