Strong Domain Expertise Make Us Give a Cutting-Edge to Our End Products

Join the strong team of expert and certified consultants of product development to QA experts, data migration consultants to cloud transformation engineers to make your industry process run smoother than expected.


Building User-Happy Products for Various Industries

Blue Copper Technology is one of the specialized and leading companies with ISO Certification that works with a wide range of services, industries, and domain to grow and transform respective businesses. We offer end-to-end consulting services to a wide number of verticals with the help of our certified product engineers, migration, and data analytics consultants.

Blue Copper helps companies of all sizes to grow and succeed at every stage of the business life cycle. We believe that our valuable asset is our people. Our team of developers, consultants, engineers, IT support people who specialize in technology migration, product engineering, and custom app development services. It is their drive and insights that allow us to make a positive impact on our clients.

We are highly committed to solving the toughest business challenge so that your business can drive revenue, gain efficiencies, and remain competitive. Discover our areas of industry expertise below and let’s talk.

Industries We Serve

The industries who have given us the privilege to work with them and build user-happy products for them.


Step into digital transformation to make your insurance company innovate faster, manage risk, and deliver services that buyers of today expect. Our services include information and analytics, content marketing, events, business development, and strategic consulting. We will introduce our business partner network to help deliver results quickly.


We are diverse and different when it comes to e-learning. Our services entail some of the most innovative, exceptional quality e-learning effectiveness and learner-appropriate strategies. From vocational to education institutions, corporate to fablabs we have edutech solutions for all.


BCT helps manufacturing industries to rapidly exploit the digital era. The use of smart factory and industry 4.0 approaches to improve efficiency and upgrade your sustainability. With our enterprise solutions we help manufacturing organizations manage demand fluctuation better; overcome capacity underutilization; handle margin pressures by improving product life cycles; and comply with industry regulations.


Driving digitization and payment transformation for the banking and other financial sectors such as NBFC, digital wallets, wealth management firms, etc. Our platforms are powered by data science for financial services, to partner with some of the largest Banks and Wealth Management firms to accelerate their end-to-end digital transformation journeys across the value chain.


Blue Copper is uniquely positioned to offer services that include transportation and distribution, consolidation, and deconsolidation, along with supply chain management for every market. Whether you enter a new market, plan a new production facility, or need a logistics partner to optimize services, we can meet your requirements.


Want to simplify your legacy network? Want to remove the redundant systems? Enhance your security measures and consolidate and covert your business to a more agile and scalable platform. With this telecom digital transformation, you lay the right foundation for next-gen operations. Connect with our experts to know more.


Geographically target your customers with the use of analytics and BI tools and notify users about their real-world location, find and search destinations, find nearby locations. We are also into geo-fencing services that help to support Location-based marketing, Asset tracking, Vehicle Movement, Elder Care and Warehouse Operations etc. Talk to our experts to understand the service in detail.


To adapt to the changing market and consumer habits, get entitled to our 360-degree digital solutions. We offer opportunities to manage channels to let consumers keep coming back. Enterprise software support to maintain supply chain to building point of sales systems, with our data and analytics tools we have improved the upsell and cross judgment of e-commerce industries as well.

Why These Industries Come Back To Us?


Help workers understand their work better and improve employee engagement.


24/7 technical support to let your employees use the app instead of reverting.


Produce high-quality user-experience with a proven enterprise/product development company.


Reduce the cost of developing an app for your workforce.


Allow employees to respond proactively to customer support queries from anywhere.


Easy to manage and custom features are only built, just the ones you need.

Our Methodology

By initiating your project with Blue Copper, you hire certified product engineers and enterprise app developers, backing you up round-the-clock. All our processes are customer-oriented, designed to reduce the cost of business operations, address IT challenges, and offers a competitive edge. Throughout every engagement, our certified enterprise app developers will look after the following guidelines to hit the ROI:

  • Our experts work directly with the client
  • Cost and quality are always in focus — We focus on delivering it right the first time as opposed to reiterating to reach a solution
  • Encourage client participation throughout the engagement cycle through various productivity tools
  • Overlapping work timing to provide our clients with best-in-class services with minimum delivery time across global locations

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