Salesforce Management Application
(Mobile Application with Admin Console)

An agricultural organization specializing in products such as seeds and fertilizers has a large number of consumers in rurl areas. They employ a fixed number of permanent staff members, alongside a substantial workforce on daily wage arrangements. This Mobile app is designed to monitor and oversee the daily wage employees.

The company employs a door-to-door sales strategy, with sales representatives visiting rural farmers. They primarily recruit individuals who are local to the area and have established networks there. To support these field agents in reaching rural areas and engaging with farmers, the company offers mobile phones, transportation, and covers travel expenses. In this context, field employees are required to furnish a range of documentation and information as proof of their physical presence at the location and the completion of their assigned tasks.

Developing this Salesforce management application had several challenges that need to be addressed effectively for a successful implementation and the team has done a wonderful job of making the client's life easier with this application.

Technology Used :

Industry : Agriculture

Manpower : 50+

Location : India

Quality Index = 4.7

C S Index = 4.9

Key Challenges

  • Ensuring seamless integration with existing CRM, ERP, and other software systems.
  • Building an application that can cater to exact ned of the company with high degree of customization and scalability.
  • The application should adapt to different business needs and growth stages.
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use were essential to encourage the adoption.
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and implementing robust security measures.
  • Addressing the unavailability of proper GPS signal is a significant challenge while tracking user actiivity.

Our Solution

  • Enabling Sales teams to rely on real-time data. Ensuring the application performs well even under a poor/ non-availability of mobile networks.
  • Providing advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that help sales Management make data-driven decisions.
  • Designing and implementing automation features like lead nurturing and opportunity management that streamline sales processes.
  • Ensuring that the application is easily understandable by the field sales force, particularly those working in rural areas with minimal time for client interaction.
  • Providing ongoing support and training for users to help them make the most of the application can be resource-intensive.

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