Technology Migration Services

Reengineering your legacy system to the newest technologies in a seamless manner without interrupting your daily operations.

Why do you need migration?

What could be the future of your growing product? Well, it is highly dependable on performance, usability, uniqueness, precision, and efficiency. But with the increase of the rat race every year in the digital market, the ever-evolving technologies need to stay competitive. That’s why Blue Copper asks to embrace digital transformation with our technology migration services available to customers across USA, UK and India.

With our 100 years of collaborative experience, we have provided our partners and stakeholders with the best technology stack, by re-engineering and re-architecting their legacy systems.

We offer secured legacy migration services with a thorough analysis process. As a technology migration service provider we keep you updated, well-maintained, and above all the competitors. There’s nothing our certified technology migration experts can’t do!

Blue Copper's Tech Migration Approach

- Save Cost

Save on the recurring cost of migrating a current system from licensed software to an open-source platform.

- Business Expansion

Help in the expansion of business through system upgrades.

- Data Security

Improve data security of an existing legacy system.

- More Scalability

Empower scalability and availability of data

How can we help you?


We re-engineer and modernize your old legacy systems and put life into it. If you have an existing desktop application with critical business problems, coded in an uncommon language and you hardly get support for it, we got your back! Migrate to the latest framework of your choice in a planned process with us!


Data Migration Services of Blue Copper is a key element to adapt to a new system. We consider both data volume and data value before taking any strategic move with different tools, data adaptors for offshore data/ technology migration services across various database platforms.


There are a number of monolithic applications designed to run with the static configuration in the on-premise private data centers. These applications can benefit from the agility and scalability. Our platform migration services are one of the strategic moves to measure the limits of your software.

Challenges in Technology Migration
  • Disruption of mission-critical applications
  • Obsolete Technologies
  • Understanding the existing deployment components
  • Automate Data Migration process
  • Users are resistant to change
  • Absence of Latest and Updated Source Code
  • Lack of documentation and Information
How Blue Copper Handles It
  • Detail Requirement analysis
  • Impact analysis both on data and system
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Strategy and planning for quick and soft switch-over
  • Assuring full intact business continuity
  • Complete and detail documentation for future reference

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