Agile Product Engineering Company - Why We Prefer the Name?

"Agile" is the buzzword that has set the product development in motion. It is mainstream and none can deny the fact. The success of those who adopted to being agile shows varying success levels. 

Why do companies choose to adopt agile? Why we do to have jumped on this bandwagon and getting ourselves tagged as an "agile product engineering company"?

Well, we have got some reason in the first place. Wanna hear from us?


Red Flag: We Do What We See in The Market

Companies think that if we do not become agile, we stay behind the league. To them, it is the coolest thing to do. "Everyone else is doing it, we should do too." But that is not always the success recipe.

Organizations that adopt agile, either follow or practice some of the terms and not really understand how to utilize the practices to reshape their business. 

Unlike them, Blue Copper is agile from the core. The first lesson when we adopted agile is that we need to improve our level of self-discipline to integrate agility in our product development structure. 


It's the Fast & Furious Series of Product Development

No doubt it is the best, fast and cheap method to increase speed to market, meet your customer demands and increase team productivity - if you seek efficiency in your projects - it is high time to be agile. So if they are like the cars in Fast & Furious - won't they crash? Well, increased speed comes with lower cost and cut on processes that don't add value. Like in the movies the cars that stick to lanes with speed, and never care about the contender with a focus on the finishing line, hits the TROY!

We follow technical practices besides being agile that helps us to develop better software. Just being agile never worked for us, our team realized that they should have the will to stop working on a product when they have solved the problem they set out to solves, even if there are still things in their backlog. 

As an agile product engineering company, we make the hard decision of what to work on and what not. Teams do need to take a different approach to solve the problem that they originally thought to be. 


Why people call us an "agile product engineering company"?

  1. Why our organization adopted agile?
  2. How our agile transformation matched with the interest of our clients?
  3. Were our people focused on increasing the speed of delivery at par level?
  4. What problems or challenges agile helped us to solve?

Get all your queries solved here in this shared Infographic below that tells our journey as an agile product engineering company in a summarized note.

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