3 Surefire Ways to Tackle Major Technology Migration Roadblocks

Note: The blog has been updated on 26th Sept 2020. With the latest information and data to match the industry standards and latest strategies adopted by businesses who choose us.

We know that technology migration is one of the most common projects of many, which we run in our company. However, when you work on such a project you will find that there are both variables and some unavoidable roadblocks that continue to hamper your workflow during legacy migration. And that's how you get the technology migration service provider companies on board.

With a long experience in various technology migration projects which might be around 500, Blue Copper Technologies understands that no two organizations are going to have the same technology migration path. Therefore, the migration services and solutions we render to the two organizations will be different and unique in each respect.

So, as one of the popular technology migration service companies, we render in a different domain such as – data, cloud, application, legacy, and many more. However to achieve the technology migration services in various domains we take care of the common roadblocks using some of our surefire ways. 

In this article, you can move ahead and read what are the ways we use for every organization to remove the obstruction before legacy migration.

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#1. Speed of the Technology Migration Services

You will find there are a number of factors that fall under the speed category. And among all the recently popular topic which majorly falls under speed is throttling. When you are migrating data into the cloud, we see that Microsoft uses throttling, but they maintain a speed limit and yet maintain a notable pace of the project. 

With the use of throttling, you can confine the number of threads your account uses to prevent any kind of over-consumption of resources. However, as there is no line drawn to determine when you might get throttled, so we need to take necessary steps before migration splits before throttling. Once your migration gets throttled only time will allow your account to perform like earlier.

#2. Capacity of the Technology Migration Services

Guess what you are planning to have a family reunion and for that, you need to buy some food, right? You certainly cannot fit everything in your family car. What you need to do is book an additional car to transport all those extra groceries for a reunion. 

So as soon as you get throttled, only time will give you the space to perform as it earlier did. We know that manual technology migration service has become obsolete. What we allow you are to get and run multiple projects in parallel. 

This not only going to reduce the running time of the project but also allows the moving of the content more than once. You will find them well paired with scheduled migrations, which often uses complete projects outside the work hours.

#3. Safety Within Technology Migration Services

Taking the example from above and continuing – say you have shopped all your groceries and either taking the car you start walking home with bags in hand. As you have more foods than a normal day, so there are high chances for some foods to get damaged or fall out of the bag.

Here where you will find lift and shift migration is what an organization can have. This kind of migration might not suit all the industries as might cause loss of metadata. This can disrupt your business. Say the information like the author of the contents, last modified dates, and tags might get lost in the array of shifting. This sends out sheer negligence in the part of security and governance within technology migration. However, technology migration service companies can eminently take care of it and assure that you have a clear and full board security migration at each stage.

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