A Custom Software for Manufacturing Company: How it Digitally Transforms the Business?

It often has been seen in the Indian landscape that there are SMEs in the manufacturing domain contributing to the development of the country and playing a very vital role. They become quality brands and manufacture convenient products by using advanced machinery. However, there are stances where the owners & stakeholders also feel and dream about having a sophisticated work pattern & process within the company. They always feel the need for a digital transformation to boost their revenue, quality, and streamline the overall operations. 

Such business owners are often in search of software that can exactly fit their ecosystem and generate optimal results. In order to do so, some of them adapt off-the-shelf ERP software products.

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Well! These products mostly have generic workflow and thus the companies have to compromise at many places and require a learning curve for the workforce involved. Any enhancement & customization also leads to huge costs since a software product purchased has its own roadmap and they are not built for any specific company.

custom software solution for manufacturing business

This creates a need for a custom software solution so that a company in need contacts a software development company for designing and creating an entire solution from scratch. And trust me, there have been some great innovation and pumped up custom software for manufacturing businesses that are remodeling and digitally transforming the entire industry.

A walkthrough of our custom software solution for manufacturing company

How we as a custom software development company helped to manufacture business clients to digitally transform?

Well, I am going to highlight one of our such innovative projects, where the client is a renowned face in manufacturing irrigation & industrial plumbing utility equipment from India.

What made it so challenging for BlueCopper? 

Having great experience in implementing projects in many countries all over the world. The company (Our Client) has a great vision and they wanted their overall operations to be digitized and centralized. This project was challenging in terms of technicality and operation. For example - At least 20 years old geographically distributed operation workflows needed to be converted into a centralized digitized system. 

Building a custom manufacturing software solution required brainstorming and other PM related activities to be incorporated within the system. Apart from that, a huge and rapidly changing inventory and accounting system were also to be integrated and built from scratch. That was our ultimate goal.

How we executed the custom software development for our manufacturing client?

manufacturing software solution in India, USA

  • The project was strategically planned to be deployed on the cloud - if you ask us why? Well, the reason being the system needed to be live and accessible 24X7 which was becoming expensive if the servers were planned in a house with maintenance, connectivity & power back up. So we went for Digital Ocean cloud service provider, which offers a large variety of Droplets with Firewall and load balancers at an attractive cost. We have avoided AWS here since it was becoming costly for the client at the moment. Otherwise, AWS would have been our first choice.

  • As for the internal systems, they were planned to be connected over a secure VPN as far as integration was concerned. 

  • The design was thought to be modular and API based so that later there will be gateways to get integrated with other systems like Oracle HRMS, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, etc. For API we used the Laravel framework.

  • For the accounting model, Tally ERP-9 was integrated with the application so that all inventory items can be updated to the accounting system directly and securely. 

  • The integration way was to push system-generated vouchers to the tally system without any manual intervention in between. 

We have used our own software product Optimore to build the solution for our client. (visit: https://bluecoppertech.com/products/optimore/) for more information on our product Optimore.

Wrapping Up

It was a nice experience to work on this client project wherein the required domain knowledge and skill-set of the entire team made an end-to-end collaboration and created a success story. To learn more about our offering as a custom software app development company in our latest Case Studies or get started and talk to our consultants.


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