Blue Copper Technologies Is Accelerating Client’s Business Growth Story By Successfully Delivering End-to-End Services: GoodFirms

At Blue Copper Technologies, we have dedicated ourselves to analyze, develop and deliver a bespoke digital transformation service to clients belonging to a range of different industries located globally.

The quality of work that we offer is something that never goes unseen by both – our clients and their millions of customers. And thanks to our pristine and reliable service, Blue Copper Technologies has become one of the most trusted digital transformation partners for businesses working with sincerity to deliver the right services. Currently a survey was done by who have reviewed the services provided by BlueCopper along with their detailed process. Let us take a look at their analysis in the article below.


Blue Copper Technologies:
A Brief Introduction

Blue Copper Technologies, located in Kolkata, India, was founded in 2012. This firm holds pride in its 100 years of overall experience in the tech industry and its industry veterans have a reputation of working dedicatedly to deliver services to clients worldwide. Due to their industry-friendly solutions, the firm has emerged as the most trusted digital transformation partner offering services like app development, cloud computing, and product engineering. Moreover, they have also been awarded the best' Entrepreneur Recognition' by the prestigious Bengal Chamber.

Blue Copper Technologies has different clients hailing from North America, South East Asia, Europe, and India. They work with complete dedication and passion for delivering services to each of them. The firm has offered 150+ technology solutions to 50+ global clients and served in 8+ locations to make the clients' business rise and shine through their offerings.

All the products and services by Blue Copper Technologies are focused on delivering quality services. The firm has also received quality certifications: ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001: 2013 for delivering quality services. Moreover, by working on its mission and vision, Blue Copper Technologies vouches for its talent pool who believes in offering only value-driven solutions.

App Development

By working on their philosophy and values together, Blue Copper Technologies offer a result-driven mobile app to allow businesses to unlock growth potential. The latest technologies and approaches drive the team at Blue Copper Technologies to build mobile app solutions to aid enterprises with the benefits they deserve. Applying the newest technology and tools to develop app solutions, the firm helps businesses shine brighter in the competitive market.


The firm's robust practices improve businesses by helping them get connected to a larger audience and improve engagement. Plus, by leveraging their expertise and knowledge in this arena, they design a solution explicitly suited to clients' business needs.

Thus for being a result-driven firm committed to offering industry-leading solutions,  Blue Copper Technologies is on GoodFirms radar amongst the top mobile app development companies in India.

Cloud Computing

It is an unarguable fact that cloud computing transforms business and scales up their process. Blue Copper Technologies helps clients evaluate their IT landscape to securely receive comprehensive cloud computing solutions. The firm provides services for businesses to stay optimized throughout their business journey from small scale to medium-sized industry. They try to significantly improve value for companies with cloud migration and cloud adoption services.

The Blue Copper team makes it easy for businesses to manage their workloads and facilitate smoother workflow with cloud services. With continuous support and timely services, the firm offers cloud services to support business and improve planning.

Hence for being a knowledgeable firm that stays updated with new technologies, GoodFirms spotlights Blue Copper Technologies as one of the top cloud companies at GoodFirms.

Testing Services

At Blue Copper Technologies, the team is profoundly dedicated to delivering the right and quality services; they offer QA testing services for various clients to ensure the provided software meets all the business necessities and is bug-free. By assisting firms to constantly improve themselves and stay up to date with the market needs, Blue Copper Technologies is setting standards with its quality services.

With QA services, the firm finds out any defects that may arise at the development phase. With their forte in automation consulting, they deliver operating efficiencies in analytics and data-intensive applications.

Thus, working with diligence and a suitable methodology to deliver QA services, Blue Copper Technologies is to shine like the top software testing companies in India at GoodFirms.

How GoodFirms Research Process Helped Evaluating BlueCopper’s Outreach?

GoodFirms is an acclaimed B2B research and review portal that does periodic accreditation of companies to rank them on the GoodFirms website. The GoodFirms team consists of veteran researchers who evaluate companies on specific parameters to rank and register them on the GoodFirms websites. These are the parameters on which the companies are gauged- Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Moreover, these parameters also play a crucial role in helping seekers hire a dependable partner for them.


Similarly, Blue Copper Technologies was also evaluated by GoodFirms on the same parameters. It was inferred that they had been consistently working to deliver the best solutions since inception. Read below in detail what makes Blue Copper Technologies become a top firm in the market space.

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